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The Green Sun Cities is an on-line campaign to create awareness on green economy in cities of developing countries. Our goal is to have cities with improved human well-being and social-equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. Through combining efforts of planning, social-entrepreneurship, design, environmentalism, engineering and information technology, we publicize green concept that contributes to the reduction of carbon growth in cities.

Throughout history, urbanization, economic growth and civilization have been mutually reinforcing, and cities have always been the loci for nationals as well as growth cultural fusion and innovation. The Cities are prolific users of natural resources and generators of waste; hence they produce most of the greenhouse gases that are causing global climate change. They often also degrade local water quality, deplete aquifers, pollute the marine environment, foul the air and consume the land.

We focus on three areas: first creation of awareness on green concept for cities in developing world; second contribute to research, write-ups and innovations needed to enable cities governments to better understand and manage current and future cities challenges. Last, we support environmental governance actions and activities – greening of cities programmes and developments in energy, transport, water, sanitation, air quality (pollution) and environmental policies.

We rally along UNEP’s call for a green economy that can be thought of as one which is low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.

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