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Oldest Snake in the City


Do you know that the train used to pass through Aga Khan Walk, Hilton hotel, Kimathi street all the way to Norfolk now Fairmont Hotel. This were the days Africans first saw the train and perceived it as a moving snake that swallowed people. Is this school of implementers that contributed to us not expanding this locomotive network after colonials left Kenya?

Do you recall days you had to board the train with firewood as fare to Nairobi? The steam engine was the story of the village and people from Butere, Kisumu or Mombasa had narration of their experience on the train journey. It was like the village had met with her elder sister the city.

My Kenya Train1

Steam engine train

Eventually came the diesel engine train that all over Kenya. And commuter train is famous when there are no matatus or buses. We have witnessed how it comes in handy when our dependent matatu refuses to ferry us to work. Eastlands residents would have a thousand words for the train. The Ruiru and Dagoretti train has daily ferried home nearly 20,000 Nairobians. While Kenyatta University has rights to brag as the only university with train station.


Does it shock you, how people manage to hang on this train? Even sit on the top without wary of their life. This true as the Coca-Cola slogan goes, “Lets go Crazy Africa”.

go-green-ribbonChange is gradual taking place and soon we expect a new train system from Mombasa to Malaba by 2017. Initiatives to launch commuter train from city centre to Syokimau is just light at the end of the tunnel. This is slight improvement of Eastlands version. It targeted the middle income earns who decide to leave and work in different counties.

Our appeal to railway system in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania is we go electric. We hope this post reaches to their engineers. images-5

Walk along Mombasa Beach!

Walk along Mombasa Beach!

Walk along Mombasa Beach!

Kenya’s awesome white beaches stretch 300miles or 450 kms and although some parts of the beach are difficult to reach, most is accessible from different villages and towns along the coast.

Wherever you are, you will find beaches colourful shadowed with hotels and homes or you might encounter remnant forest  or mangroves swamps and mud flats.  Some places you may also come across creeks and river deltas.

Mombasa city from Fort Jesus’ fortified wall you have fantastic view of Indian Ocean colour matched with magnificent white-walls hotels lined up in between tall green palm trees. This World Heritage Site is the landmark of this coastal city and is a great place for dinner with cool breeze and  million stars above.

An early morning walk or boat ride, the off-shore coral reef provides ample opportunity for fun and exploration. Apart from swimming in the afternoon you could try out surfing, snorkeling, diving or fishing. If you feel more sand in your shoes take a camel ride and be like the first merchants who came down here – Mombasa. You will loss track of time and this why Mombasa is a Sea, Sun and Sand – raha city.

Sun & Sand of Mombasa City

Mombasa Island

Mombasa City

Mombasa, Kenya 

Mombasa is the second largest City in Kenya. This is the sea city that lies next to the Indian Ocean with a major Port and an International Airport.  Its name derives from Manbasa, the Arabic name of the former sultan of Mvita, which had its capital here.  In modern times the City is the headquarters of Coast Province and with new constitution, it is the capital of Mombasa County.

The City is located on Mombasa Island which is separated from the mainland by two creeks: Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbour. The island is connected to the mainland to the north by the Nyali Bridge, to the south by the Likoni Ferry and to the west by the Makupa Causeway, alongside which runs the Kenya-Uganda Railway.  The Port serves both Kenya and landlocked countries, linking them to the Indian  Ocean.

The City also serves as the center of the coastal tourism industry. Being in the tropical climate which is tropic wet and dry climate, it favors tourism. Therefore, this makes the city a major world’s destination and among premier places to visit in Africa. It has attracted visitors since 900A.D such as Arab traders and Portuguese traveler – Vasco da Gama who came in 1498.

Sunshine is throughout the year. Landing at the coast for a holiday you are taken to task with coastal heat. You may shower more than thrice which is not a mistake. Mombasa it completes your tour to Kenya if you are on vacation. The sandy beaches to North and South, historic sites such as Fort Jesus and luxurious hotels – why leave Mombasa. Whether day or night you are fascinated by breath-taking, eye-satisfying scenes and relaxing environment.

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