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The techno city: KONZA

Konza City – Our Silicon Savannah

Kenya’s first man to fly! This would have been the title if a man from central province of Kenya made his attempt to fly as a bird. Unluckily, his preparation and invitation of neighbors to witness his launch flight with mounted feathers from crest of tallest tree village became laughing stock. Is this what Kenya is trying to do with Konza city or not?

As President launched, Konza city ground breaking ceremony, wikipedia had already created a page for this city. Random interview with great men they believe this will be a reality. The rest think it is like what our friend from central Kenya and his dream to fly that tragically ended with permanent disability.

Konza City

However, with efforts in place, some will not believe when Konza city skyscrapers fill the sky on your way to Mombasa. Your friends, sisters, brothers and relatives working for Google, Apple or Facebook from Konza city. May be even Green Sun Cities pitching its capital IT hub here because of first internet speeds.

Konza city is being constructed to be among one of the most successful cities in Africa, competing economically and culturally with the world’s best cities. The America’s silicon valley dream is finally setting its foot here. Konza city only 64 kms from Nairobi has attracted over 200 international and local investors. This is a techno city and home to be for the world’s most successful companies, the most talented people and major international investors.

It is an acid test for Kenya Vision 2030 and setting sky high target for East Africa cities along competitive Kigali City 2040 master plan. By 2017, Kenya’s will witness where the Kshs 1.2 trillion would have gone.


Konza City – Africa’s Silicon Savannah Begins Here

Konza city is expected to be one of the most successful cities in Africa, even though it is yet to be built, competing economically and culturally with the best cities in the world.

Question may be why Konza? And why some of the world’s most successful companies, the most talented people and major international investors are attracted to invest at Konza?

Konza city is probably the best location to do business in Africa and one of the most sought after international commercial  investment opportunities. The new city provides some of the most valuable and sought after real estate in the Kenya served by excellent communications and the best ICT infrastructure in the country. All this is set within a high quality masterplanned ambiance.

Furthermore, Kenya is blessed with whiz kids who command respect in Information Technology (IT), the so-called technopreneurs. Not only after the international success and recognition of Safaricom’s M-pesa, more and more IT geeks are emerging in Kenya’s cities.

“…these computer geeks are emerging by the score to build a sunrise industry in what is called the Silicon Savannah – Konza City.” By Forbes Africa, 2011.

Within a distance of hour’s drive from capital of Kenya and international airport, why miss an office at Konza. For those of you looking for our location – Green City. Keep looking for it no more, we are at Konza City. Lol! Because we need high internet speed to post our articles of cities. And Konza city is the place, linked with high-speed fibre optic cables to Europe, Asia and America.

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