Nairobi – Capital of Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya. 

The city of Nairobi is bracing itself to being a better African city than it is today. It has all the opportunities, the infrastructure, and (rare for Africa) decades of uninterrupted stability.

It is one of Africa’s largest and most interesting cities, ranked among friendly cities to invest in Africa. Mention of public facilities, shopping centres with a wider variety of goods, entertainment points with greater degrees of fun, can be found in Nairobi than in any other city in East Africa, as well as the Horn and Central Africa.

It is the largest city between Johannesburg and Cairo, and a holiday in Nairobi is to experience the true urban life of Africa. The main reason people travel to Nairobi is to launch onto one of Kenya’s famous wildlife safaris or a trip to the coast. The city itself offers buzzing markets, some interesting sightseeing and a lively nightlife. Not to forget the safari walk to Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi also has one of the most internationally-minded populations of any city in Africa. It is not a surprise to encounter a South African who has no clue that Nigeria is in West Africa and not a neighbor of Botswana in the southwest of Africa. A typical West African urban dweller might find it hard to differentiate Malawi from Lesotho. The Nairobi crowd tends to be well-informed on average, because of the fact that the country is heavily dependent on foreign tourism for national revenue, and also that Kenya has been host to numerous refugee populations from neighboring countries.

All across the streets on a weekday are hundreds of thousands of these good-looking Kenyans walking briskly, the conversations revolving around the corporate and the pursuit of money. Open, cooperative and warm in manner, yet unsentimental, very direct and aggressive at the same time, is the Nairobi character. Kenyans freely and laughingly describe themselves as “rough” and “fast”. 

What stands out in the transport sector, are the Matatus or buses. The Matatus or buses play unbearably loud club re-mixes of hit disco music, as pasengers sit unperturbed in silence. With interesting colours and wide LCD screens you are at the comfort of a movie theater in a matatu.

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