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Rising star of Kigali City 2040

Kigali City 2040


Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. A country whose dreams were almost shuttered two decades ago. The city is a true reflection of Rwandese flag symbol – rising sun. It is a rising star whose rays shine brighter than before.

Who said once beaten twice shy. This is not the case for Rwanda especially Kigali. Although the scars of inhumanity atrocities remain as a reminder of 1994 but these men and women have woken to be a force to reckon in East and Central Africa.

It takes political will for a nation to nearly achieve its desires. Kigali home to the most respected President Paul Kagame, it has set plans to expand as a hub of economic development. Not only favourable policies in the region but every businessman is thinking of Rwanda. Kigali will host major companies on the continent and overtake likes of South Africa cities and even Kenya.

This is a country where the capital city has a master plan drafted by technocrats and was publicly unveiled on 23rd Jan 2013. This plan dubbed the Kigali City 2040 provides much needed guidelines and designs in infrastructure development for developing world cities. Visit the city website and you would like it.

A big plus to this plan is providing solutions to reduce environmental threats and planners ensure that Kigali developments do not jeopardize the environmental sustainability of the city. Centralized waste management systems and advance technologies will be implemented. Borrowing from green parks of developed cities, Kigali city will have green parks and visual display leaves wordless… this is bliss.These are green breathers and will reduce carbon emmissions.

We foresee a world class competition of cities. The Kenya’s Konza city and Kigali city in next twenty years. Key among other factors would be friendly investment policies. Considering it takes a day in Rwanda and you have your company registered, who would be the darling of the investors?

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