COP 19 – What is 4 Kenya?

Warsaw is Over

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For the past two weeks policy makers, scientists, activists, ministers, diplomats and presidents gathered in Warsaw, Poland. A total of two weeks of talks and 36 hours of continuous negotiations, ministers and diplomats reached a comprise to the next phase of Climate Change by late hours of Saturday.

Even with mother nature had already given a warning of its’ misuse by humans. The Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines early days of the conference did not move the major polluters for the planet and little was left for poor nations. Congrats to Yeb Sano for a moving speech at COP19 The Warsaw conference –COP 19 narrowed its focus to defining a clearer path for the final two years of the so-called Durban Platform negotiations held in South Africa.

Loss and damage

Due to Typhoon Haiyan, Tsunami and El nino in developing countries such Kenya, Philippines among others, the was greater attention to “loss and damage” resulting from extreme events and slow-onset impacts. Parties agreed at COP 19 to reach a decision in Warsaw on “institutional arrangements” addressing loss and damage.


The COP successful concluded arrangements with, and provided initial guidance to, the new Green Climate Fund launched in Cancún.


To address a set of issues relating to deforestation and other emissions-generating forest practices a call for increased funding was made. Norway, the UK, and the United States pledged a total of $280 million for REDD+ efforts.

Following is a summary of key outcomes (for decision texts, see

Future Meetings – Hope for Kenya

COP 20 will be held December 1-14 in Lima. COP 21 will be held November 30-December 11, 2015, in Paris.


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