Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)

jkia on fire

Great Cities face major challenges in their horizontal expansion development plan. These challenges are uncertain. History records of the Great Fire of London in 1666 that left every trader mourning of their losses. For five day it blazed down more than 13,000 homes of the Central London. The Lloyds brothers had to think of safety nets for great investments of London citizens.  Hence the commence of fire insurance in United Kingdom. However, fire calamities are still common among improper dwellings. It is more worse when it destroys decades’ development achievements of in a city.

The JKIA 5 a.m incident left many Kenyans and international arrivals with unanswered questions. Blazing down the international arrivals section for five hours. The fire brigade fought a fire in the history of Nairobi that attracted the comments of other nations presidents such as Mr Obama. Our memory of international arrival desk as you declare I am back home or visiting Kenya. As you wait for your luggage and family eagerly peeping through glass wall separating. Sigh of relief as you walk through the crowd to your cab or family car on your way home ora hotel.

Largest Airport in East and Central Africa

images (1)An airport established on 9 March 1958, as Embakasi Airport  by the last colonial governor of Kenya under leadership of Sir Evelyn Baring. When Kenya gained independence in 1964, the airport was renamed to Nairobi International Airport, to more accurately reflect the city it served. It was now serving nearly to 1.5 millions international arrivals. The World Bank saw need for expansion and funded this development. The airport project included a new terminal building, the airport’s first dedicated cargo terminal, new taxiways, police and fire stations, and the building of the main access road to the airport (Airport South Road). In 1978, it was officially completed after six years of construction works. The airport was again renamed, this time in honor of our founding President Kenyatta after his death on 22 August 1978.

To date this airport has played a major role in entry into Africa of many international investors scrambling for half-discovered Africa. Ranked ninth busiest airport in Africa. Currently, serving a nearly 6 million passengers annually.

What Safety means for an Airport?

Everyone is asking questions such as JKIA did not have a fire policy? The officers on duty were not trained on steps to


extinguish fire and what happened…? Lets leave this to investigators from team of FBI of US to unearth the truth. We always ignore simple
se a fire extinguisher? A few would thank there school system where fire safety was taken serious. I was lucky to have gone to search school.steps pinned on every buildings walls. While your attention could be the only action that saved a palace from blazing down.

This was a shadow compared to British university system that I was taken through during my orientation. Fire is useful but if not tamed it can cause ravage to our savings and development. Nonfunctional fire detectors and automatic fire alarm may be recorded in this unknown mystery at JKIA. But now we know what fire safety means to an Airport? Not only will economy slow down but costs of rebuilding what is lost.


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