Recently my friend made a comment on post after inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta and it left me confused! …I am in the diaspora… “even after counting votes from diaspora it is hard to tell where it is on the Kenyan map” …[wild thoughts]. I had to search for Kenyan diaspora on the map only to find it is Rongai. Where I learnt that they are still watching inauguration news now. This is the story of Kenyan Diaspora – Rongai.

Ongata Rongai is the real name, but locally known as Rongai or simply Rongaa and now Diaspora. Geographers can easy located it, as a settlement in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province located between the Kaputiei plains and the Western slopes of the Ngong hills all within Kajiado District. As a fast developing residential urban in the outskirts of Nairobi has attracted a number of employees from Nairobi city – increasing its population to nearly a quarter a million.

Daily this Nairobi workers commute by road to and from Rongai to earn a living in the green city under the sun. This has generated numerous jokes about Rongai. If you bought milk in Nairobi by the time you get to Rongai it will be sour. Lol! Uniquely, all residents of this Diaspora town when traveling to Rongai in the evening they will be eating their supper because of time they spent in traffic.

This will be an end soon as a flag project under Vision 2030 will see Langata road being completed to easy traffic. The dual-carriage of the Langata Road from the Kenya Wildlife Service gate to the Bomas of Kenya junction will see under and overpass at Bomas junction. Not only will traffic be relieved of waste time but diaspora residents can walk using non-motorized lanes. This is a plus for a city going green.

It has attracted major whosesale retail outlets such as Uchumi and Tuskys. Even Nakumatt is not far from Diaspora; at Bomas you relax in suburbs ambience and sample best coffee from Java. For those who are kukus about chicken then Galitos opens it doors here. Sooner the Diaspora will be closer to the people that you do not need to fly there but you can cycle or walk like maasai morans.


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Comments on: "Kenyan Diaspora: Call it Rongai" (2)

  1. AND Diaspora it really is, this town called Rongai. where else did you hear wild animals {lions}sharing the same roads with residents and no human wildlife conflict? We only have one very serious problem, bridges. It is sad for diaspora residents with their swag and all that; to be swept away by floods.

  2. I like the swag of this Kenyan Diaspora – it is true imagination of Africa by whites…we harmonious sleep with wildlife. what a continent – Rongai?

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