Lights off in DOHA COP18

Doha-skyline-night-1_512Have you ever wanted to quickly trash your vegetables so that you can grab your desert. That favourite vanilla, strawberry or choco ice-cream. This is what was happening in DOHA and someone wrote ministerial dining manners. Major heads of G-8 nations were silently absent at COP 18? Their much needed lights were off in Doha.

Was everyone cautious of Kyoto phase, 1997 to 2012 is closing, and what next? Luckily, Kyoto second phase was agreed upon for next 8 years, till 2020. Large_News_201This is a plus but some participants were concerned on how discussions seemed unpromising. By first weekend community organizations and agencies had to demonstrate for the first time in the streets of Doha for justice to climate change.

Interests of developing nations, where majority of populations see face to face wildly actions of climate change such as drought, famine, drying rivers, fading snow caps, floods and rising sea level, were reasons for some going to the streets. Although, their shout was unheard beyond the political week.

In africa, ask anyone and they will always say never give a chance to political leader. Match efforts put by civil organizations such as Greenpeace were not considered; request made to developed nations to reduce emissions to below 20% in the next phase. More worse, clearly stated committed to finance climate change was lacking from even Europe.

As everyone jets off Doha, lights switch off at Qatar National Convention centre, what did we gain from COP 18? If not only agreeing to second phase of Kyoto Protocol and may be a global climate change agreement by 2015. These were only steps noted but fully sounding yes solution for 7 billion one challenge  was highly missed. We hope that no one dies due to heat wave, floods or hunger due to what was ignored in Doha. We all make it to Poland, in 2013 and make a strong move for a better world with a green future.


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