Durban in South Africa & Doha in Qatar, these cities have ONE thing in common. Over six thousand kilometers apart, South and North of Equator. November/December but different years they play hosts to major global discussions.

Durban a South Africa city was useful in climate talks for 2011 (COP17). It is an extraordinary city, the most culturally diverse, with a rich and colourful history. It also the biggest and busiest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The attraction of the city leaves everyone feeling home. This is why it is known as the friendliest city in South Africa. This highly due to great warmth and openness of its people and  laid-back lifestyle that everyone here enjoys.

COP 17 concluded with participants voting for universal legal approach to climate change. Unlike, Bali or Cancun Agreement there is not much to pride of  from South Africa. On a continent where 12% of world’s population live and highly impacted by climate change.


Now, Doha opened it is doors to same or new guests to discuss issues of climate. The theme draws you into out-of-the-box thinking – 7 Billion One ChallengeWill most participants focus to give the world a clear direction or it will be in selfish interests. The Least Developing Countries think of 3% contribution while G-8 at 43% of environmental footprint. The least producers suffer more while largest economy countries suffer least. 

It is time everyone ratified Kyoto protocol and make planet earth a better place. Both cities should not only go down in history after 2022 to have hosted FIFA World Cup but laid solid pillars for environmental governance. Our call is let this be not a pre-world cup tour but a strong green step into a sustainable planet.

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  1. av read the story and i found my mind roaming in that great city of Durban, it is as though i have once been there yet through the description av got the idea. I support the Green City iniciatites. Go go go !!

  2. Thanks and please follow us @CitiesSun

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