Just Call it Dar!

DaresSalaam Tanzania Samora Avenue around Daily News office

Dar es Salaam, locally known as Dar, is the largest city in Tanzania. It is the largest port city in East Africa. Most people think it is the capital city of Tanzania. However, in 1973, provisions were made for Dar to relinquish its capital status to central inland city –Dodoma.

Monument of Askari

Monument of Askari

Dar, a city established nearly one and half century years, in 1865, by a Sultan. Now it is home to a population of 3 million, a number projected to double by 2020. The overview of Dar is magnificent and northern beach hotels are great surrounded by an ambience of a natural harbour on the Indian Ocean.

Visiting Dar for the first time you must take some Kiswahili lessons. If you think we are wrong, note, this is home to Kiswahili dictionary. Imagine of students taking chemistry lessons in Kiswahili. Jokes on the roll is Kiswahili was born in Dar, raised in Zanzibar –island, matured in Kenya, fell sick in Uganda and die in Rwanda. Definitely buried in DRC.

My encounter of Dar was when my friend defied basic advise on this coastal city. We had been warned on when you order for food in Dar, you must say naomba translate to please. My good friend decided to be Kenyan, show ignorant rudeness and ordered a waiter to bring him roasted banana and beef stew. My humulity to say naomba saved me from one hour wait when my friend was not served. Till the waiter came back furious and said my colleague was rude to her.

A view of the green Dar.

This is just Dar, haven of peace,  polite and friendly Tanzanians light your face. It is among the top-ten fastest growing cities in the world, and three cities in Africa. According to African Green City Index, Dar ranks well below average together with Nairobi city. Although, it has no matatu madness of neighboring cities. All residents say, if you are in a hurry, you should have come yesterday in Dar.

Aerial view of the port city.

Aerial view of the port city.


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  1. so wonderfully awesome
    Wish to learn some of the chemical elements in chemistry in the Kiswahili language

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