Thika Road – Metropolitan Class

Thika Rd

Thika Road new super highway

Six years ago traffic on Thika road seemed a nightmare and residents of adjacent estates recall long hours in traffic. The elimination of roundabouts and other bottlenecks such as single lane tracks has significantly eased traffic flow and reduced the cost of running a public service vehicle on the highway.

The flyovers, interchanges, underpasses [box culverts] and overpasses provided are meant to ease congestion and provide an access controlled motorway with accompanying service roads, slip roads, bus laybays and well demarcated lanes.

According to various reports, Nairobi is estimated to lose Sh20 billion a year on traffic jams, more than City Hall spends annually to provide services such as water, sewerage and garbage collection to residents. With Thika road then accounting high number of billions per annum.

The ten-lane Thika Road has cast off the spell of notoriously wasting man-hours. Time that could be useful otherwise being burnt up in traffic jams is a major loss for any economy.

Thika Rd

Thika Road – Super Highway

The approximately 97 per cent completed Nairobi-Thika Super highway stands out as the latest infrastructure facility with extra emphasis on safety for motorists and pedestrians. The bridges are also covered incase of bad weather conditions. The landings of the ramps and stairs for the bridges lead pedestrians to the foot path/cycles, which have been developed, on both sides of the road all the way from Nairobi to Birmingham of Kenya – the industrial Thika town.

As the project draws to completion, it is interesting the way it continues to attract admiration. The superhighway remains such a phenomenon to behold that it has attracted delegations from several countries including Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Benin, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Niger among others. I imagine school children will soon tour Nairobi and on their list will be a ride on the only superhighway in East Africa.

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Comments on: "Thika Road – Metropolitan Class" (7)

  1. Great write up bro!! i can attest,some years back i used to get out of the house 5.45am in order to make in town (office) by 7.45am or before 8am, that is from kasarani to town, to my surprise i do wakes up 6.50 am and by 7.30 am in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 This is a great relieve to our country. congratulations to our own government to make it happen. bravo

  2. Vision 2030 Flagship projects!!!

  3. While Thika Highway is a good initiative, it has far more reduced traffic jam on that road and such a relief to motorists. However note that this will be short lived as other feeder roads into the city have not been considered for development. Furthermore, the implication of more better roads means that, in a few years time we shall have more vehicles and this roads will become parking lots as is the case in more developed countries. Go to New York on Peak hours and you will understand what I am talking about. The only Road that will dramatically increase economic activity in Kenya is Mombasa to Malaba. This is the main Trading Corridor between Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. However, we should now start to focus more on Rail system rather than roads for economic development.

    Development of Rail Tramps within the city and High Gauge Railway Lines to all major towns in Kenya will reduce traffic, improve our GDP and see an efficient public transport system come to fruition. Railways is the only solution we have. While roads will continue to play a critical role, we should give railways an equal amount of attention.

  4. True ED..all these issues are within Nairobi Metropolitan Master Plan 2025…and Thika Road is just light in the tunnel..there is more to come! Thanks

  5. The story is great and you need to write more but try make comparisom with other sub-saharan countries as you shade more light on any possiblilty of economic development in relation toward MDGs of infrustructure network. Great

  6. Plato..thanks for your comment and we have noted!!!

  7. Reblogged this on Cities moved click below and commented:

    We are counting Days to official opening of Thika Road!

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