In 1907, when Nairobi “cold waters” was becoming the capital of British East Africa, new idea of planting exotic trees was on a trial. The Nairobi Arboretum was established to be the green heart of green city in the sun – Nairobi.

The arboretum now home to over 5,000 trees comprising more than 350 species of indigenous and exotic origin. Scholars, fun lovers, foresters, tourists both young and old find a place to be in this arboretum. The yellow and white tree walks or play on lash grounds and monkeys cheering from tall Australian trees.

As the Arboretum marks 105 years of being home to great events such as Toyota Car launch, Kijani Music Festival and singers from Cape Town Opera Company it is rebranding again. As wine it is getting sweeter and young. It starts with the launch of a guidebook, colored print of easy walk through arboretum booklet a contribution by Friends of Nairobi Arboretum (FONA) – which Green Sun Cities is part.

Check our events to get your e-invite and look forward to see you in green heart of Nairobi City!!!



Comments on: "Nature old as the City of Cold Waters" (1)

  1. Educational collection of our fauna . I believe its a positive reminder why we ought to work towards a greener environment the future is made by it.good. work

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