The UK of Kenya, Kisumu city on the shores of Lake Victoria – in 2006, was designated the first United Nations Millennium City in the world by UN-HABITAT.

UN-HABITAT outlined the broad development strategy for Kisumu. The outline takes note of the fact that the challenge was to translate the vision into a reality adding that an MDG- based plan would provide the focus to achieve this and that the major hurdles in Kisumu include water and sanitation.

Kisumu city stands again among the eleven (11) cities in eight (8) African countries under the Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI). The MCI helps selected sub-Saharan cities accomplish the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – the eight universally endorsed targets focused on poverty eradication, health, education, gender equality, environmental protection and global partnerships. MCI’s social sector and investment-related research gives these regional capitals the information they need to generate comprehensive, integrated city development strategies aimed at ensuring the delivery of social services and attracting job-generating investment.

The city founded in 1901 with the coming of the Kenya – Uganda Railway. Its population has since grown to over half a million people, some 60 percent of whom live below poverty line. It lies a few kilometers South of the equator and this makes it a tourist attraction. One feature is Kisumu’s sunset – often magnificent or better. In Kisumu, the days are always around 12 hours long and sunset is always between 1840h and 1900h. If you are in UK, find a good spot on the Lake Victoria or a high place with a good view of the Western horizon.

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