UK – United Kisumu

I meet two men from lake side and I am lost into their captivating conversation. One shouts omera, I have just landed from UK and it is raining blackberries and iphones. Thought I was lost alone, the other inquires omera you mean I have been voice calling you on my 4G enabled Samsung galaxy note when you were in UK? The other one – explains, now days we have UK here in Kenya.

This is why I advise you if you are in Nairobi City, and you hear someone saying I am going to UK, please ask next question. Which UK? Now we know it is not only United Kingdom but we have United Kisumu.

UK is a port city in western Kenya and Located on the shores of Lake Victoria.  It is the third largest city in Kenya and the headquarters of Kisumu County.  In addition, Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest and the world’s second largest freshwater lake (after Lake Superior in the United States).

Kisumu port was founded in 1901 [two years after Nairobi city] as the main inland terminal of the Uganda Railway and named Port Florence.  Kisumu literally means a place of barter trade “sumo”. The city has “Friendship” status with Cheltenham, UK and “sister city” status with Roanoke, Virginia and Boulder, Colorado, USA. Vividly, we have the answer to our questions of why UK.

The gentlemen make me laugh more as I write this post, when omera says surely you should be reading on your Wikipedia of our very own Kisumu – UK. Bragging, he says this is the only city where they are constructing a modern international airport when other cities build roads [meaning Nairobi and Thika road construction]. If you did not get the joke, he explains further, when people other cities will be driving on roads we Luopeans will fly to UK – Kisumu. Do not ask who Luopeans are.


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